Man Dies After Being Shoved At Penn Station

If you ride the NYC Subway, at some point you found yourself running to catch a train at any cost & were willing to do whatever it took to do so even if it meant pushing or running through someone.

Sadly such actions ended up costing 89 year old Nazi survivor & Hofstra professor Kurt Salzinger his life. He & his wife Deanna Chitayat had just departed a 3 Train as they planned to head to Macy’s when a man running to board the train swiped the couple and ended up knocking Kurt to the ground. He eventually succumbed to his injuries.

The cops are trying to locate the man who the wife feels did not purposely kill her husband but in the end he did just that. What really disturbs me is how could the guy look back briefly & just get on the train anyway as if to say oh well, accidents happen. Hopefully he gets caught & pays for this thoughtless & unfortunate death.

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