LIRR Is Apart Of Two Unrelated Suicides

LIRR train entering Woodside. Resized photo courtesy of Eye On Transit

Yesterday was a dreadful day for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) as they played an unplanned role in two separate but unrelated suicide attempts. The first suicide took place at approximately 8:48 am when a man whose identity has not been released, jumped in front of the oncoming 7:39 am Penn Station to Ronkonkoma express train as it was speeding past the Wyandanch station.

According to MTA Det. Sgt. Peter Cummo, the train had picked up passengers at the Farmingdale station & was traveling at approximately 80mph as it sped through the Wyandanch station on its way to Deer Park when the suicide took place at approximately 8:48 am.

I offer my best wishes to the crew of the 7:39 Ronkonkoma express especially the train operator. I can only imagine what must have been going through their head during & after the incident. It is a shame that people have to be so selfish & cause so much grief to innocent people. If you want to commit suicide, just do it without having to interfere with the lives of complete strangers. I am not advocating suicide but if you feel it must be done, try not to be selfish!

Unfortunately the drama did not end there for the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) as the second suicide took place last night. I posted a service alert at 9:19 pm last night but I did not know what was the cause of the delays. Thanks to Newsday, I learned that the delays were caused by a man being hit by a Long Island Rail Road train (LIRR) just west of the Floral Park station. Subchat poster Neil Feldman chimed in on a thread with some information about the incident. Here is what he had to say: “It involved a Oyster Bay Train with a trouble-plagued Dual Mode engine in the front of that consist.”

I would also like to take this time to offer my best wishes to the crew of the the 6:34 pm Oyster Bay – Jamaica crew especially to the train operator.

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its said that two people died and the writer of this story trys to inflict more pain on these family yes my condolence for the drive but it wasnt his fault and i realy think you should be fired for what you wrote your a sad indvidual who deservesto die by getting hit by atrain

Can you write in a way that is understandable? Are you trying to imply that I am sad? I’ll respond when I can make sense of the point you are trying to make.

my personal thought to suicide is terrible because if the family sues the MTA for the tragdic death of a loved one, the MTA could make the “Domsday Budget” even worse due to the economic Resession.

-Michael Quintana

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