Idiot Dies While Trying To Entertain His Family

While I was on the 1010 Wins, I came across an article about an idiot who died at the Metro North’s Riverside station in Connecticut. While some might find it offensive, I am calling the man an idiot because that is what he clearly was. The man who has yet to be named while relatives are informed about his death, died yesterday afternoon.

The man was trying to entertain his family while waiting for a train at the station. His idea of entertainment involved placing a penny on the track to show his wife & 3 daughters how it would be flattened by a train. According to the MTA Sgt. John Rizzitelli, the man jumped onto the tracks to place the penny down. As his family tried to help him back up, a Stamford to Grand Central bound express train struck him. The train was reported to be traveling 75 mph. The man died instantly after being hit.

I hate to say it but this is not a tragedy. The word tragedy should not involve deaths that occurred due to blatant stupidity. I would expect this sort of idiocy from a kid or a teenager. However I am baffled that an adult with a wife & kids would be so stupid! How could you be so foolish & engage in an experiment like this? What makes it worse is that you engaged in this experiment in front of your kids! We all know how kids tend to follow their parents lead yet he still went through with it anyway!

So now his wife is now a widow & his 3 daughters no longer have a father & for what, a stupid experiment meant to serve as entertainment? People like him should have never been allowed to reproduce! I feel sorry that those kids will be scarred for life due to their father being a thoughtless bastard!

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