Cab Driver Fatally Shot At The LIRR’s Shirley Station

I find it truly sad to hear or read about a hard worker being killed while just doing his job. Unfortunately such a tragic event took place 2 days ago when 53 year old Shirley resident & cab driver John Attrino, was shot inside his cab at the Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) Shirley station. Patrick Whittle of Newsday has more in this report:

For the second time in four days, a Long Island cabdriver has been shot and killed on the job.

The driver, John Attrino, 53, of Shirley, was shot in the torso just before 3 a.m. yesterday at the Long Island Rail Road train station in Shirley, said police, who thus far have not uncovered a motive for the slaying.

Police, who have made no arrests in the case, said they are investigating the killing.

Nassau and Suffolk police said the homicide did not appear related to the Saturday morning killing of cabbie Michael Xavier, of Commack, whose body was found in a vacant lot in Elmont. Nassau police said they are still looking for Xavier’s killer.

Suffolk Det. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick said there is “nothing to indicate” that the Attrino killing was a copycat crime.

It is unclear whether Attrino was robbed, police said.

Click here for the complete report.

My condolences go out to the friends & family of John Attrino. I hope the asshole responsible for this gets brought to justice & gets the stiffest punishment possible.

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This story kills me!!! That man was a good, no a GREAT MAN!!! He was my “stepfather” and was the best dad a girl could ask for growing up… I had not talked to him in 2 years and I hope the SOB who did this is caught and prosecuted to the highest for this horrible crime. I live in Texas and heck send him hear and will put him on death row. My heart goes out to his mother, brother and sister in law and nieces and nephew. I love you Johnnie and I’m sorry I lost contact and I’m going to miss you!!! Please forgive me and may you rest in peace!

This story kills me, too!! Johnny was my Best Friend and he was the love of my life. He was the GREATEST MAN that I ever knew. Johnny and I met in Junior High and became BEST FRIENDS for life. I quit school and got married in 1973. Johnny was our BEST MAN and his girlfriend then, (Mary Ellen Rafferty was my MAID OF HONOR). Mary Ellen and I were Best Friends back then. But, something happened after I got married. I never heard from Johnny or Mary Ellen. Until I moved a few blocks from where Johnny and his family lived. Then that is where it all started. Johnny happened to see me one day outside with my baby girl. From then on, Johnny and I were lovers. Even though his family forbid it. Johnny would find me know matter where I was. He did marry Mary Ellen, but I was the one that had his heart. He kept on seeing me and Mary Ellen and Johnny finally divorce. We got together in 1983. Johnny became a STEP-DAD to my 3 children. He even gave my youngest son his last name. We got engaged and I wish I had that ring now. I left Johnny and the reason had been kept a secret for over 20 years. I am sorry for not telling Johnny then, before I left. Maybe we would of been still together and MARRIED. For the last 16 years, I’ve been missing Johnny because I am still in love with him. I’ve been seaching for Johnny and his family for 16 years. I finally found his bother, Tony. We talked for a few hours. I gave Tony my phone number to have Johnny call me. Tony told me that he told Johnny that I had to talk to him. Johnny told Tony to give him his phone number so I can call him. Tony was about to give Johnny my number but lost it. So, Johnny and I never got to talk. So, the secret was never told! My daughter was the first to find out about Johnny. She told our family not to say anything until I was with someone. Because everyone was away for the Thanksgiving Holidays. When I was told, I wish it was me. Johnny did not deserved this! I cried for days, I am still crying within my heart. My heart goes to MOM, TONY, AUNT MILLIE and the rest of the FAMILY. I will miss Johnny, but the memories that I spent with Johnny and the family will live on deep within my HEART! Johnny, I promise you this! That we will be together again when our LORD comes and gets me. (I LOVE YOU, JOHNNY! AND REST IN PEACE TILL WE MEET AGAIN!)

johnny was my uncle he was a very good man. he did just about everything for anyone. he will be miss a lot.

“This is robert lucas and I just wanted to say that shawny is not part of the attrino family because your last name is not attrino. I know that my name is not attrino BUT if you go to tangier smith and asked miss bart {lady at the front desk}if john atrino is my dad she will say yes’ because everytime he would come and sigh me out he say ” I am Robert Lucas father and I am here to sigh him out.And one more thing how come when my dad john anthony attrino was alive you did not say anything about him hating us?

John was my brother he was survived by his mother and myself he had a few nieces and nephews Robert Lucas was not related to him anyway whatsoever,Shawn Alamo was one of his nephews and was very close to him.It has been almost a year now since his murder and there has been no charges brought on any one as of yet.It almost make me wonder if John was somone important or had a big name if there would have been somone arrestered by now if, he was a policemans son or the son of a senator a mayor.I know the police have hundreads of cases to solve but I think they had ample time to at least make some headway.John may not be important to the police but he was very important to us and for those that knew him will miss him and those who didnt know him will never know what they have missed out on. John was always there for everyone he cared for everyone and never had a harsh thought about anyone,he helped and feed the homless if you came into his cab and didnt have enough money to pay for your ride he would never turn you away he would lay out the differance and take the loss. John was a great man ,brother,son, and freind to all, its a shame that a man who worked tweleve to fourteen hours a day seven days a week to help support his mother had to have his life end this way and so short He will be missed by all.Please anyone who reads this please leave a commeny wheather you knew John or not.

Johnny was my cousin and its still hard to believe that he’s gone. I find myself thinking about you today on the anniversary of your death. You were a gentle giant and well loved my everyone that knew you. You brought happiness and smiles to so many people and you will always be remembered for that. Love, Cousin Terri

There’s not enough room on this page to tell about how my we miss our dear, dear friend, or all the times John was there for us when no-one else was. There was a time when those ‘homeless’ people that John helped were us. I loved working for him and he always took us back when we left for one reason or another. We became very close to his mom who is a beautiful woman. Inside and out. I think of him often, and whenever I do, it is with great memories until that AWFUL night he was taken from us in a horrible, horrible way. I don’t care to comment on his relations with his families. I was there when he was Destiny and Robbie’s DAD, no-one can tell me any different. I know he loved those children with all his heart, whether he was related by DNA or not, he loved them and no-one can take that away. We love and miss you, John always. Scotty and Terri-Anne

i dont know who any of u think u guys are but john attrino is my dad u got problem then wats up he loves us so you guys need toget a life u didnt say nothing about this when he was alive grow up azzholes and we know who did it you prob dont care LOVE YOU DAD RIP UP IN HAVEN

thank u terri ann llove u best of luck to you and Scott

Your thoughts and views please me.

Listen all need to stop this crazy post Johnny was my uncle and I considered him my brother and he wad a very loving and caring person he did for all and never wanted anything in return yes he had a lot and f people in his life that he cared for and loved and then there where some that he just put up with them let me set something straight Shawn Alaimo was his oldest nephew and the two of them was very close they did everything together Robert Lucas or what he calls himself Robert Attrino was in no way shape or form related to Johnny he only put up with him cause he was dating his mother but to be 100% honest with you he could not stand you or your older brother Will and that’s right you know who did this to a great and wonderful man cause it was your brother who put the 3 kids up to it that night all cause Johnny would not give him money to let all know the truth about this whole thing he called Johnny and asked him for money he told him no then he made a phone call and told them about what just happened that Will just threatened him cause he would not give him money then like an hour hour and half later he’s shot 3 times then later on that night will turns himself in for something meanwhile he just got out of jail the day before come on now a few months go by he get sent upstate and him mother moves closer to him and the 3 kids that he had do this get caught and they all get time after almost 1 1/2 years of court. So yes Robert Lucas does indeed knows who did this to such a great man I really don’t know how Robert Lucas or his mother can go on every day knowing the truth and not coming toward but running so that there is the truth so for all you who want to say something make sure you speak the truth if not don’t let my uncles name come out of your mouth…. But to all of Johnny Attrinos real family I know you all miss him and love him very much. Well good day to all…

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