2 LIRR Trains Crash Into Car

Unfortunately the man dying after being struck by a LIRR train between Freeport & Baldwin was not the only accident the railroad dealt with on Tuesday.

A mere few hours later, a Hicksville-bound (Port Jefferson) & Penn Station-bound (Ronkonkoma) train both struck a car that had swerved around down crossing gates.  The collisions led to the death of the 3 people inside the vehicle & multiple people injured on the respective trains.

The Hicksville-bound train struck the vehicle first after pulling out of the Westbury station. The Penn Station-bound train came shortly after and pushed the vehicle down the tracks which led to the first two cars of the train derailing and colliding with the concrete platform.

According to LIRR President Phillip Eng, the Hicksville-bound train had about 800 passengers & the Penn Station-bound train about 100 passengers. This accident also led to the Penn Station-bound catching fire underneath one of the cars which further complicated matters.

Overall this whole situation was a complete nightmare that could have completely been avoided had someone had the common sense to not go around a downed crossing gate. This sickens me as no one had to die yet the hazardous decision of a driver proved fatal & will leave scars on the lives of many forever.

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