Terrorist Sets Off Bomb In Subway Station

Monday is a day dreaded by people all over especially in & around NYC as it is the beginning of another work week. Most commuters in the morning just hope to get to work on time & as stress free as possible. Unfortunately for some, this was not the case when a terrorist set off a homemade bomb at the 42nd St-Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station. The New York Daily News has more:

He rose before the sun in his Brooklyn home and strapped his deadly parcel to himself with zip ties and fasteners.

His goal: to send a twisted anti-American message and kill dozens of people at one of the world’s busiest transit hubs.

Akayed Ullah, his 27-year-old mind fermenting with thoughts of martyrdom for ISIS, donned a dark hooded jacket and a dark backpack to cover his homemade bomb and fell in with New Yorkers on a train beginning their regular work week.

The weapon he had chosen to sow death that morning was a 12-inch pipe, filled with powder and detonated by a pulse from a broken Christmas bulb, powered by a 9-volt battery.

At 6:25 a.m. Monday, a security camera captured him as he began to climb the stairs to the platform of the 18th Ave. subway station.

“He got on the train ready to go,” a law enforcement source said.

The Bangladeshi native living here legally switched to the A train at the Jay St./MetroTech station and exited the train at the Port Authority Bus Terminal stop. He walked east in the passageway that leads to the Times Square station.

Ullah told police he detonated the bomb after seeing a Christmas poster.

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Thankfully the terrorist was unable to inflict the damage he was hoping for & that we ended up with no fatalities. Sadly the NYC Subway will continue to be a very easy target for such individuals who especially became more radicalized under President Obama, the worst president in U.S. history.

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