Subway Worker Awarded For Heroic Actions

Subway track inspector John Messina is known amongst family, friends, & workers for coming to the rescue of a person in need. Now you can add the public to the list of people in the know. The 100th Precinct Community Council recently awarded Mr. Messina for his heroic efforts in confronting two thugs who attacked a teenager on the S train in Broad Channel.

Mr. Messina was riding a northbound S from from Beach 90th St. to Broad Channel on the morning of June 27th. As he was riding the S, he noticed a young teenager pressed up against the car door screaming for help. He unlocked the car door & brought the teen to safety. The teen had a black eye & severe swelling from the beating. Mr. Messina acknowledged the state of mind of the teen by saying “He was terrified and told me that the punks just took his cell phone.”

This prompted him to confront the thugs & retrieve the teen’s cell phone. He approached the thugs & said “You’re a real tough guy picking on a 15-year-old. Why don’t you pick on me?” He successfully retrieved the teen’s cell phone. When the train arrived at Broad Channel, Mr. Messina called the cops. He led them to the two thugs who were responsible for the crime. One of the thugs in question was found cowering underneath a staircase.

Mr. Messina had this to say about the incident & his mindset:

“I can’t stand watching people ride the train in fear. I’m not going to stand by and let some kid get taken advantage of.”

This is not the first time Mr. Messina has come to rescue. Some of his co-workers citied stories where he returned a stolen purse to a woman, & a Walkman to another student. His wife Donna knows all too well about his actions as she shared this comment: “The kids love him but they think he’s a little crazy. He always gets involved and butts his nose into stuff, but with good intentions.”

I would like to salute Mr. John Messina for proving that not all MTA employees are assholes & unhelpful. He also proved that no matter how much this city changes, it will always have some good guys ready to save the day if need be!

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