Off Duty Transit Cop Fires At Intruders…..

Today’s Newsday had a story about an off duty transit officer who fired shots at two armed intruders on his property in Elmont. The incident took place in the officer’s driveway where he encountered the intruders after hearing noise coming from that location. The officer whose identity has not been revealed went outside & found 2 armed men in his driveway. He ordered them to stop but they continued to proceed towards him. In response to that he fired 4 shots from his service weapon. The shots chased the intruders off of his property. He later found out that the intruders had stolen 4 tires off of his 2006 Infiniti.

Here is the Newsday’s article on the incident:

An off-duty transit police officer who heard noises in the backyard of his Nassau home early Tuesday morning found two armed men in his rear driveway and fired four shots from his service weapon, causing the men to run off, the Nassau police said.

The Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Authority officer, 41, fired the shots because he had confronted the two suspects and ordered them to stop, but instead the suspects continued toward the officer, the police said.

The officer later saw that the intruders, who were dressed in dark clothing and hooded sweatshirts, had stolen four tires from his 2006 Infiniti.

A Nassau police report did not disclose the officer’s name or the street in Elmont where the 1:15 a.m. incident took place. The report also did not specify whether the officer fired the shots directly at the suspects or into the air.

No injuries were reported.

The off-duty officer was initially described by authorities as a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police, but Nassau and MTA officials later clarified that he is a TBTA officer.

Fifth Squad detectives ask anyone with information about the suspects, who drove off in a burgundy-colored minivan, to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.

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