MTA Contract Workers Accused Of Stealing

Yesterday afternoon, a story broke about equipment being stolen from a MTA warehouse. MTA contract workers are being accused of stealing 8 forklifts & other equipment so they could be sold as scrap metal to chop shops. Lets take a look into the story more courtesy of A.G. Sulzburger of the New York Times:

Three contract employees for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority were accused Tuesday of stealing forklifts and other equipment from a Queens warehouse and selling them for scrap metal.

The Queens district attorney’s office said in a press release that the employees took the equipment by flatbed truck from New York City Transit’s central warehouse, in Maspeth, to the nearby Dependable Scrap Yard, which paid a total of $7,812 for it. If bought new, the eight forklifts and 17 steel-cased batteries would have cost more than $250,000, said an official with the office of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s inspector general, which conducted the investigation.

The employees were from Crown Equipment, which has a maintenance contract with New York City Transit, the arm of the transportation authority that runs the subways and buses. The contract included the 90 forklifts in the plant, which were sometimes transported out for repair. In September, a routine inventory check determined that the equipment was missing, according to the press release.

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I am a firm believer that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. One could have a feeling if accusations are true but it is just that a feeling at first. So my comments are based on the assumption that they are guilty. So with that in mind, what the hell were these guys thinking? Did they really think they could get some cash for items such as forklifts & have it go unnoticed? The bigger insult is they risked so much from their professional life down to their freedom for pennies on the dollar. Who in their right mind would do something like that?

If the individuals accused are found guilty, they deserve the book thrown at them for not only committing the crime but for being so stupid!

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