Mom Leaves Infant Son At Queens Subway Station

Further proof that our society is declining in terms of the quality of the human race, a mother was arrested for purposely leaving her infant son at a Queens subway station. Joe Kemp of the New York Daily News has more in this brief report:

A Queens mom was arrested Saturday and charged with leaving her infant boy at a Jamaica subway station, police said.

Antonia Lopez, who was slapped with felony abandonment of a child charges, is accused of leaving her 5-day-old son at the Sutphin Blvd. F train station about 8 p.m. on Friday, police said.

The healthy infant – who was wrapped in a blanket and left near a MetroCard machine – was taken to Jamaica Hospital after he was discovered by a straphanger.

Under the state’s Safe Haven law the infant could have been dropped off at FDNY or NYPD stations or a hospital without fear of prosecution.

Stories like these absolutely disgust me. If you have no way of taking care of a child, take all precautions to not have one in the first place. Way too many morons are reproducing in our society which is why the amount of quality human beings continues to decrease year after year.

A commenter to the report made an interesting point. They wondered if many of these people know about the Safe Haven law. They opined that the people who usually leave their babies behind are ones who are not exactly media savvy or knowing of laws. This could be the case although it still does not excuse the horrific actions by this woman or anyone else for that matter who has done this. I hope that this young boy ends up with legitimate family who know how to properly take care of him.

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