Man Pushed Onto Subway Tracks By Urinator

63 year old Zegnade Yiogo was minding his business waiting for an elevator at the 125th Street 4 Train, 5 Train & 6 Train station Saturday night when the doors opened & he saw Stefon Bowman urinating inside. Never did he think it would lead to what happened next. Rocco Parascandola, Andy Mai, John Annese of the NY Daily News has more:

A 63-year-old straphanger had a brush with death when a man he caught urinating in an elevator shoved him onto the tracks of an East Harlem subway station, according to police sources and the subway rider.

Luckily for both the victim and the alleged pusher, two cops were already on the scene and were able to avert tragedy, then called for back-up when a group of angry commuters surrounded the attacker, sources said.

Zegnade Yiogo said he was waiting for an elevator in the 125th St. station on Saturday night. When the doors opened, he came upon Stefon Bowman, 28, urinating inside.

“I said, ‘Why you do that?’ Yiogo said.

He decided not to take the elevator, but Bowman followed him anyway.

“He had something in his hand. I don’t know if it was a knife or lighter. That’s why I didn’t want to be close to him. I run back. Then he push me onto the track,” Yiogo recalled.

Two cops were nearby to see Bowman push Yiogo onto the No. 6 train tracks, sources said.

The cops rushed to the man’s aid and helped him up — and that’s when the crowd on the platform turned on Bowman.

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Thankfully the cops were in the right place at the right time as it would have been a shame for anything tragic to have happened to Zegnade due to the actions of the worthless Stefon.

Hopefully Stefon pays a huge price for his actions as anything less would be completely unacceptable!

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