Man Makes Citizen’s Arrest On Subway

Tuesday morning was quite the adventure on a Bronx-bound train as 40 year old Anna Lushchinskaya was arrested by a citizen after repeatedly kicking & harassing another female rider. Natalie Musumeci of the New York Post has more:

A subway rider made a citizen’s arrest of a violent straphanger who repeatedly kicked a passenger on a Brooklyn subway train and hurled a racial slur at the woman.

Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, was charged with felony assault following the wild Tuesday morning incident around 8 a.m. aboard the D-train in Sunset Park, the NYPD said.

The 24-year-old woman targeted by Lushchinskaya had boarded the northbound train at the 9th Avenue-39th Street stop — and Lushchinskaya launched the attack that left the victim bleeding with cuts to her face, police said.

In two videos posted to Twitter by another rider — who appeared to detain Lushchinskaya on the 36th Street station platform until the cops showed up — the suspect can be seen unleashing the rage-filled assault.

“F—k off! F—k off! Fuck off!” Lushchinskaya shouts to a silent woman who is standing next to her and appears to be preoccupied with her phone, one of the clips posted by Juan Ayala under the Twitter handle @ PlatanoMan shows.

Lushchinskaya appears to hit the woman’s hand.

The maniacal, blonde-haired woman is then seen taking off her sunglasses, putting her hair up in a ponytail, and pulling an umbrella out of her bag.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Lushchinskaya kicks the woman, prompting fellow straphangers to intervene.

“They’re not letting me hit her back!” shouts Lushchinskaya who then calls a man “f—king retarded” for trying to stop her.

The woman who Lushchinskaya attacked then tells her: “You come touch me I will punch you right back. I don’t care who the f—k you are.”

Then Lushchinskaya whacks the woman with her umbrella and repeatedly kicks her as the woman kicks her back.

At some point, according to cops, Lushchinskaya hit the victim with keys.

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I saw the initial video posted in the report & I was shocked at her actions. I would really like to know what possessed her to go off like that. The victim clearly did not retaliate back yet she continued to assault her anyway.

Based on the initial video, I can understand why a citizen’s arrest was made. She might need some anger management though…..

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Having worked at the MTA I know first hand how incompetent their leadership is especially Wael Hibri and Jim Sirna.

Since both have assumed leadership at the MTA BSC there has been nothing but negative consequences as they have both worked tirelessly to do their best to ensure others are blamed for faults and no one is ever held accountable.

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