Irate Rider Attacks Brooklyn Bus Driver

Some people just have no business being apart of society. This point played itself out in an unfortunate way as a ruthless bus rider attacked B6 bus driver Gilberto Davila after being ordered to get off the bus due to mouthing off about the ride taking too long. Pete Donohue, Katie Nelson, & Barry Paddock of the New York Daily News has more:

An irate bus rider went berserk and punched a driver in the face as the MTA’s dreaded doomsday cuts took full effect – bewildering straphangers citywide.

Jason Ferreira, 22, of Brooklyn was ordered off a B6 bus after mouthing off to driver Gilberto Davila that the trip was taking too long.

Instead, Ferreira, who a police source said is 6-feet-2 and 205 pounds, pummeled the driver as he drove on Bay Parkway at 4:50a.m., police said.

The driver, treated at Maimonides Medical Center and released, suffered cuts, bruises and swelling.

Ferreira, who was charged with felony assault and misdemeanor menacing and harassment, was released last night on $500 bail. He has six previous arrests, police said. Four are sealed and two are for allegedly attempting to beat the subway fare.

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The attack was clearly unprovoked & should not have occurred. Then to add further insult to injury, the grandmother of the ruthless asshole who attacked the driver says “He’s not a violent person.” I hate to break it to you grandma, but your grandson is as only a violent person attacks an innocent person for such an idiotic reason.

I have to question why this man released on such small baill much less even out on the streets considering his criminal record? This is yet another example of what is wrong with our justice system. Lets hope that these service cuts do not lead to any similar events as riders need to get a clue & understand that the bus driver, conductor, motorman, etc… are not the reason for the cuts.

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That is just sick.

P.S Nice to see more articles lately.Keep it up!

Hey Abba,

I concur! Thanks, I will try my best!

Of course someone should have explained to Davila if he really wanted to excel as a career bus driver a masters degree in clincal psychology would probably go a long way to dealing with the occasional stray nut cracker that turns up.

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