Idiot LIRR Vigilante

I would like to take this time & thank my sister for sending me a tip for this blog. She e-mailed me a short time ago from work & shared a link to a story on 1010 Wins about a Long Island Railroad (LIRR) vigilante. She assumed I would want to blog about it & she was 100% on her assumption!

John Clifford is a former NYPD officer turned lawyer who has some serious issues! He is obsessed with tormenting Long Island Railroad riders who he feels make his commute from Long Beach to Penn Station a nightmare. The man dubbed as a “train terrorist” by his friends has admitted to punching a woman in the head, pouring coffee on another woman, interrupting cell phone conversations, yelling, & more… during his commute or while at Penn Station.

Mr. Clifford is already a well known character due to his actions. He has been arrested or issued a summons a total of 8 times by the MTA Police since March 2003.  He feels his actions are justified due to the fact he finds these commuters rude.  However Gerry Bringmann of the Long Island Railroad Commuter’s Council strongly disagrees. He lables Mr. Clifford as a “vigilante whose aggressive actions should not be tolerated.”

So far none of the charges have stuck due to the victims not showing up in court. Hopefully this changes next month as Mr. Clifford has a scheduled court date. This latest court date stems from an incident in March where he smacked a woman & yelled at a man on his train.

What would Mr. Clifford like to see? He would like to see the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) introduce at least one quiet car per train. He would like to have this car introduced so that riders who wish to not hear cell phone conversations or loud talking could ride in peace.

Well you know what Mr. Clifford, fuck you! I apologize for my underage readers but I’m pissed off right now. Who does this guy think he is? When will idiots like this learn that any form of public transportation is not your quiet oasis. Mass transit was not created so people can have a peaceful & quiet journey to their destination. The purpose of mass transit is to take many passengers from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately idiots like Mr. Clifford feel that mass transit was created for them to ride in peace & tranquility. I find it absolutely idiotic that we have people in our society who think this way. While I’m not encouraging people to throw parties inside any form of mass transit, I do feel that noise is just a part of the process which one must accept. If you want peace & tranquility while getting to your destination, drive!

As far as this idiot goes, can someone explain to me why he is not banned from riding the Long Island Railroad (LIRR)? The man is openly admitting that he will continue to partake in these vigilante actions. Why let this situation get more out of control than it already is? It is a shame that the victims did not show up to help get this guy thrown in jail.

I am a man who does not support hitting a woman unless your life is truly in danger. I know for a fact that this man’s life was not in danger at any point when he decided to smack one woman & punch another because they annoyed him. This man is not someone we need in our streets. I seriously think he should be mentally evaluated & thrown into some sort of prison afterwards. I would like to think that supporters of a quiet car do not support this man’s actions! If so, you should be banned as well!

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Just FYI,it is extremely rude and bad mannered to conduct a telephone conversation amongst a group of people.I was sitting in my Dr’s waiting room recently and some bone head breaks out his phone and starts having a conversation while everyone else had to sit and listen.I kindly told him that no one wanted to hear his conversation and would he kindly take it outside.I can understand the above mentioned gentlemen getting so pissed off,no one has any manners or common courtesy anymore,and although his actions somewhat extreme,they are certainly justified.Same goes for riders,or anyone for that matter,putting their feet up on unoccupied train seats,it is extremely selfish and in poor taste.Show some self respect and respect for others,if not than you are just another arrogant selfish a-hole who would be better suited for a zoo.

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