Disturbing Yet Not Surprising Video…..

Last night I happened to have my television on CW11 so I caught the first couple of stories on the 10pm newscast. Normally I am watching My9 news at 10pm but I did not get the chance to turn the channel. One of the first stories in the newscast was about the beating on the A train that was caught on video & posted on You Tube that was brought to light by The Smoking Gun.

First off I found the video disturbing although not surprising. As I said in my analysis of the C train “Rider Report Card”, I find that the A like the C tends to have extremely shady individuals riding it especially in Brooklyn.  So this was no surprise to see that the incident took place on one of the 8th Avenue lines. These kind of antics are nothing new on the subway & further illustrate why one must be prepared for anything every split second.

I am amazed at the restraint this man showed while being attacked. I do not condone hitting women but in cases of self defense, all bets are off especially with complete strangers. One has no idea if they have a weapon such as a box cutter, knife, or even worse a gun! If I was in his shoes, I would have struck back. I am quite confident the encounter would not have lasted long considering I am a pretty strong guy. Some might scream about how a man should never hit a woman, well you know what, these are not women! Real women do not go around looking for fights for no good reason! These women although they don’t deserve the label, clearly showed they want to act like men so let them get their ass kicked like men!

On a related note, it is quite pathetic when people use incidents like this to bring out their racial prejudices. I was reading a brief article about this video on the website for the Newsday. I noticed that the article contained a number of comments & unfortunately most seemed to be written by idiots playing games or bringing up their racial prejudices.

Lets see we have people pretending to be Rev. Al Sharpton, Bernie Goetz, & Charles Bronson. If that was not enough, we get idiotic statements such as “Who can possibly see this and not conclude that blacks are animals. They are worthless monkeys.” Thankfully at least 2 replies of the 17 that are there don’t show complete ignorance. Here is the link to read the comments.

I would like to end this by urging all of my readers to practice common sense & prepare yourself for anything while riding buses & subways. I wish all of you safe travel at all times!

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