Crazy Woman Bites Bus Driver

Growing up with a father & grandfather (dad’s side) that were MTA New York City Transit bus drivers, I know how crazy the job can be. If I was not hearing or realizing that through their eyes, I was through many operators I’m friendly with. So I can’t say I am surprised at this next story which features a crazy woman biting a bus driver. The story took place on an uptown bound M104 as a crazy woman bit into a driver. Erica Pearson & Jotham Sederstrom of the New York Daily News have the complete story:

A veteran MTA bus driver was bitten on the forearm by an out-of-control female passenger Wednesday as he drove his packed M104 bus during rush hour in Manhattan.

Peter Williams, 42, was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital as a safety precaution after the woman gnawed into his arm as the bus headed north on Broadway at W. 79th St. just after 3 p.m.

“A woman had given him a problem on the bus,” said MTA spokesman Charles Seaton. “He got up to tell the dispatcher and when he rose from his seat the woman bit him.”

Shelia Bolar, 49, was charged with second-degree assault after the enraged Queens woman became hysterical on the crowded bus before sinking her teeth in Williams.

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Well it is nice to know that the bus driver was okay. However in the bigger scheme of things, something needs to be done to better protect bus drivers. I feel that they clearly have the most dangerous job of all MTA employees who deal with the public on a regular basis. They have the least amount of protection from the passengers they are responsible for. A driver should not have to worry about being bit or attacked when he or she has the major responsibility of bring passengers safely from “Point A” to “Point B”.

Hopefully this crazy woman is prosecuted to the fullest intent of the law to show that crimes against bus drivers or any other MTA employees for that matter will not be tolerated!

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