Clerk Assaulted While Trying To Help A Rider

This story should cause some interesting debate in the fight of the usefulness & need for token booth clerks in the NYC Subway. Elected officials & transit advocates like to point out at every possible chance that eliminating these positions poses as a threat to riders security even though rules are in place preventing them from getting involved physically.

The story in question is of 35 year old token booth clerk Tareque Ahmed who was assaulted while trying to save a female rider being attacked by a male at the 36th Station on the M Train & R Train. Erik Badia & Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News has more:

A token booth clerk who could lose his job to MTA layoffs was beaten in a Queens subway station when he tried to help a woman being attacked on the platform, authorities said Monday.

Tareque Ahmed, 35, said he was knocked to the ground and kicked repeatedly at the 36th St. station in Queens at approximately 11:45 p.m. Sunday.

A man had been beating up a woman, when Ahmed yelled to a co-worker to call police.

“He saw something and said something,” fellow token booth clerk Rushdi Huq said of Ahmed Monday. “Imagine what’s going to happen when the clerks are laid off and there’s no one there to help.”

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials deny riders will be more vulnerable with fewer transit workers.

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Let me first applaud Tareque Ahmed for stepping up to the plate & trying to help a rider in distress even if he possibly will get reprimanded for doing so. Lets face it, incidents like these are bound to happen in a system the size of ours. However there is no denying that some of these positions are not completely necessary.

If the MTA is dead set in wanting to eliminate these positions, they should have a plan in place with the NYPD to fill the void. This would help the MTA in their cost cutting while appeasing to the security concerns of riders.

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