Track Work Disturbing Locals

Every couple of months I come across these kind of stories in the New York Daily News. The formula usually goes something like this, MTA NYC Transit is doing construction on a subway line. The construction leads to complaints from locals who feel the noise is ruining their lives in some ways. This is once again the case as some Bensonhurst locals are complaining about track work on the D Train. Mike McLaughlin of the New York Daily News has more:

you hear something, say something.

Recent track work by the MTA on an elevated line in Bensonhurst has left locals covering their ears because of an ear-splitting, screech from overhead trains.

“I’ve been here 30 years. It used to be noisy, but livable. Now, it’s killing me,” said Hilna Motors owner Louis Gellman, whose auto repair shop is beneath the D train at 86th St. and Stillwell Ave.

“I can’t even talk to people outside. I have to bring my customers into my office,” added Gellman, who believes the racket has caused hearing loss.

The disturbance began last year when the Metropolitan Transportation Authority installed new tracks along the route.

A TA spokesman said the increased volume was a temporary headache because the track work required that they stop greasing the rails, which reduces the din.

After a series of noise complaints were lodged with the MTA, the agency inspected the site on Dec. 21, prompting the agency to add extra lubricant to the rails to fight the problem.

“These corrective measures have greatly reduced the noise level,” said TA spokesman Charles Seaton in a statement. “We expect further reduction as the new track wears in.”
Assemblyman William Colton (D-Brooklyn) said that noise is not just a public nuisance: It’s also a symbol of financial waste at the MTA.

“Noise is not only something that’s detrimental to people’s lives and health, but it’s also detrimental to the system” he said.

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Seriously I am starting to get sick of locals always finding something to complain about. Construction on a system 100+ years old is inevitable so noise is a natural part of the process. While it can be disturbing, it is just part of the pain you must endure for the better good of everyone.

If they had it their way, the construction would stop so the noise could go away. However we all know that these same people would be complaining about things not being fixed. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways so deal with it & find something else to worry about.

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