Transit Advocates Urge Governor To Fast Track Rail Project

One of my favorite transit related blogs to read is the Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s “Mobilizing The Region” as it covers many different transit aspects involving our entire tri-state region. The campaign does a great job as being advocates for supporting improvement to the transit infrastructure of the tri-state region. So the next few entries will focus on reports from them.

The first report comes from General Counsel Kyle Wisell & is about the campaign joining forces with other transit advocates to urge Connecticut Governor Rell to fast track the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield commuter rail line. Here is a sample of their report:

Tri-State joined several transportation, environment, civic and business groups in asking Connecticut Governor Rell to fast track the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield commuter rail line on Tuesday. The coalition was joined at the press conference by House Speaker-Elect Chris Donovan (D-Meriden), whose district would be served by the line, and current Speaker James Amman (D-Milford), in calling for quick approval of the project that would add commuter service from New Haven to Springfield, Mass., stopping in nine other municipalities along the way, including Hartford.

According to the groups, fast-tracking the project to get initial service running within two years will help revitalize Connecticut’s struggling economy by providing short and long term jobs, help reduce the number of cars on Connecticut’s roads and promote transit-oriented development and mixed-income housing in towns along the rail corridor. The groups called for immediate action to get initial service operating as a first step towards full-scale commuter rail between New Haven, Hartford and Springfield.

Click here for the complete report.

This region is not one that I travel in frequently so I do not have a strong analysis to comment on it. However I found the responses left to the report interesting which questioned whether Gov. Rell really wants to get this project done. They also feel the construction would not take much time at all so that could not be an excuse for this service not being implemented.

Speaking in general, I support an increase in mass transit options for commuters. I feel it not only benefits them but the area of the region as well since it can bring increases business, create jobs, & other economy stimulation actions. I would think that with the state of our economy from the local to federal level, any action that could help stimulate it long term would be welcomed. Lets see if Governor Rell does the right thing for the state.

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