NYDN Editorial: Bus Lane Cameras Are Good

The topic of bus lane cameras has been a very popular one on this blog according to my statistics. So here is another story or more accurately, an editorial from the New York Daily News on why these cameras are a good idea. The writer also opines on the need for the city to make sure enforcement is done right:

One good measure has surfaced in Albany: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the city have gotten the green light to use cameras to slap tickets on drivers who illegally block designated bus lanes.

The concept of “bus rapid transit” has long been a laughable contradiction in terms. Even where specific lanes have been reserved for buses, as on 34th St. in midtown, all manner of motorists have felt free to intrude because violations have borne little risk of punishment.

But cameras – akin to red-light cameras – should change the equation. Hmm, should I park my delivery truck and run inside when that bus coming along with a camera out front or that camera on the lamppost could snap me with a $115 fine? I hope not.

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I agree with the writer on how important it is that enforcement be done right along with the teaching of how & why these cameras will be around in the first place. However I still stand by the fact that the legislation that passed is watered down & a proper setup needs to be put in place for it to reach the maximum potential that is needed.

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