MTA Announces Brooklyn & Bronx Bus Changes

Just a short time ago, MTA NYC Transit officially announced some bus changes that will occur in tbe Brooklyn & Bronx boroughs beginning between December & January. The changes include the implementation of new routes. Here are the complete details courtesy of the press release I received:

B54 in Downtown Brooklyn:

MTA New York City Transit announces the rerouting of the B54 through the MetroTech Center to begin by the end of the year. Due to security measures adopted by the New York City Police Department following 9/11, the B54 has not been able to travel through the MetroTech Center in Downtown Brooklyn. The tenant that required these security measures is leaving MetroTech and the B54 can once again travel through the area as it did prior to 9/11.

The reroute via the internal roadway, MetroTech Walk, will remove the B54 buses from the traffic-congested Flatbush Avenue extension and Tillary Street. The move is expected to improve reliability and provide a more direct route for customers traveling to the Jay Street-MetroTech (A,C, F) station. The bus stops on Jay Street at Tillary Street and Myrtle Avenue will be discontinued. The new stop will be on MetroTech Walk at Lawrence Street.

Eastern Bronx Revisions:

As part of NYCT’s 2010 Service Reduction Plan implemented on June 27, 2010, the Bx14 route was discontinued and the Bx8 was rerouted away from Layton and Crosby Avenues to operate via Stadium Avenue to serve Country Club and Spencer Estates.

As with all changes, Transit’s Operations Planning unit closely monitors the ridership and the new routes. After such monitoring of these restructured routes, Transit concluded that the changes left some communities with limited access to commercial areas, certain schools and medical centers.

As a result, MTA NYC Transit announces the Bx8 route will be restored to its original pre-June 2010 routing via Layton Avenue and Crosby Avenue to the Buhre Avenue (6) station. Crosby Avenue is an active commercial corridor and will benefit from the services of both the Bx5 and Bx8.

The Bx24 will now serve Country Club and Spencer Estates on the route of the discontinued Bx14 between Country Club and the Pelham Bay (6) station. The Bx24 will operate as a loop every 30 minutes between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In Parkchester, alternate trips of the Bx4 (called the Bx4A) will serve Metropolitan Avenue between Hugh Grant Circle and Westchester Square. The Bx4 and Bx4A would operate on the same route between Hugh Grant Circle and the Hub.

The Bx4A would allow a one seat ride to destinations along Westchester Avenue to the Hub. It would operate the same span as the former Bx14: peak hours on weekdays – every 14-20 minutes, off-peak – every 24 minutes, Saturdays – every 16-22 minutes and Sundays – every 22-30 minutes.

These reroutings should more closely meet the needs of the residents at no additional cost to the Authority. Changes will be implemented beginning January 2011.

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Am I the only one that feels these routes don’t make any sense? If the MTA has the power to restore Bx8 fully, why can’t the powers that be restore the Bx14? I am a Parkchester resident and the removal of the Bx14 caused a great inconvenience to me and other residents, especially the elderly. What if I have to go to the Country Club? I would still have to transfer to another bus, while the Bx14 took me straight there. I live on Odell St(which is close to Castle Hill Ave) in the past I would walk to Metropolitan and Purdy St. to catch the Bx14 to the Country Club area. Now I have to walk to Castle Hill train station and take train to Pelham Bay Station and then transfer to the Bx5 or Bx8. Now the MTA wants me to catch the Bx4A which only goes to Westchester Square, then what? I would still have to take the 6 train to Pelham Bay then transfer to the Bx24. How is this a better plan?

You misunderstood their plan all you have to do is use bx4a eithier way you still get the 6 which is like every 2 to 6 minutes then get the bx24. Try understanding how transit works before making comments. Also this is better beacause it reduces your chances of missing the bus. If you missed the bx 14 your stuck for 30 minutes. But mis a bx4a take one the opposite direction to the 6 and the speed of the 6 will get you to the bx24 anyway!!!! this makes travel faster beacause the bx24 is unlike the bx14 not subjected to delays on westchester ave due to lazy ppl. so with bx4a and train in between your travel is actually faster. If you have the unlimited metrocard transfers aren’t a problem. If ur elderly it’s half off


I feel you are misunderstanding their frustration. Maria’s complaint which is shared by others in the area is that this service just adds another step to their commute.

Prior to this, some had a simple 1 seat commute, now this adds a 2nd & possibly 3rd into the mix which does not make things easier.

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I strongly suggest that the Bx24 is extended to Southern Blvd replacing the Bx4A and the Bx4 service is increased (especially between Parkchester and Westchester Square). The Bx4 can extend further for Crosby Avenue operation (assisting the Bx8 as that route should extend to Queens).

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