MTA To Provide Hybrid Bus Service To DHL All-Star Fan Fest

Earlier today, the MTA’s New York City Transit division announced their partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Major League Baseball (MLB) to provide hybrid-electric bus service to the DHL All-Star Fan Fest at the Javits Center. Here are all the details:

MTA New York City Transit, working with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Major League Baseball (MLB), will provide 100% hybrid-electric bus service to the Javits Center this weekend for DHL All-Star FanFest.

The M42 crosstown bus, which runs from the Javits Center and 42nd Street/12th Avenue to the United Nations (42nd Street/1st Avenue), will provide service with hybrid-electric buses only throughout the weekend. The frequency of service will be every 15 minutes, on average.

The MTA’s regionally integrated bus operation, composed of MTA New York City Transit’s Department of Buses, the MTA Bus Company and MTA Long Island Bus, operates North America’s largest fleet of hybrid-electric buses on routes throughout New York City – 825 hybrid buses or 13% of its fleet of 6,221 buses. Each hybrid bus saves approximately 50,000 gallons of fuel and 500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over its 12 year life when compared to a conventional diesel bus. These buses are more than 90 percent cleaner than the older diesel buses that they replace. The remainder of the MTA’s regional bus fleet is also extremely environmentally friendly, with 1,109 buses fueled with compressed natural gas and 4,287 buses using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

“By employing the continent’s largest fleet of hybrid-electric buses, our regional bus operation will save nearly 5 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere over 12 years – a huge benefit for future generations,” said Elliot G. Sander, Executive Director and CEO of the MTA. “Our new regionally integrated bus operation makes it easier to coordinate the most efficient deployment of these buses and save money in the process.”

“We are very pleased with the way our hybrid electric buses have been performing under heavy traffic conditions, and we’re delighted to have this opportunity to show them off,” said Joseph Smith, Senior Vice President of Buses for MTA New York City Transit and President of the MTA Bus Company and MTA Long Island Bus. “We’re very proud of our hybrid bus fleet. By buying such a large number of hybrid buses, we are helping to stimulate the bus manufacturing industry to move in this direction, making it easier for our peers across the continent to purchase these environmentally friendly buses.”

“Taking transit to the game and to FanFest will be the best way to beat the traffic and the summer’s high gas prices,” said Rich Kassel, an NRDC urban transportation expert who has worked with the MTA on its clean-bus initiatives for more than a decade. “Avoiding traffic, saving money on gasoline, and cutting pollution is a win-win-win for the city’s fans.”

The MTA hybrid bus project is one of a series of initiatives MLB has implemented in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council to make the 2008 MLB All-Star Game the greenest event in MLB’s history. MLB and NRDC have partnered together since 2005 on a League-wide environmental initiative, both for League events and also to help individual Clubs build on the good environmental work they’ve been doing for years.

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