MTA Suspends Distracted Bus Rider

In the technology advanced world we live in today, one should assume that any & all actions have a high probability of being recorded. However a 21 year veteran bus driver did not think about this when he was recorded reading & writing while driving. Rebecca Harshbarger of the New York Post has more:

The “zero vision” city bus operator caught on video reading and writing while driving a packed bus was suspended without pay on Monday after The Post revealed his recklessness.

The driver, who has been behind the wheel since 1984, makes the top rate of $31.79 an hour, the MTA says.

“I think he has probably heard enough about coworkers being involved in fatal accidents during that time to know better,” said the disgusted rider who shot the footage. “I think it’s appropriate based on the dangerous situation he put the passengers and public in.”

The MTA has still refused to release the driver’s name as well as his full earnings in 2014. His suspension is pending disciplinary proceedings.

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When I first saw the story on the news, my initial reaction was that he looked to be handling a bus run timesheet. I used to see them all the time as my father carried his throughout his nearly 30 year MTA career.

However even if I am right (the agency seems to think he was dealing with them), it does not excuse his carelessness while operating his vehicle. So the agency is well within their right to suspend him. While I understand his union will defend him, they really don’t have much to stand on. They should just accept the eventual ruling & move on.

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