Massive Bus Cuts Hit Bronx Bus Riders Hard

Continuing with the theme of bus cuts, Patrick Rocchio of the Bronx Times looks into how these massive cuts are hitting Bronx riders hard:

The community is bracing for cuts to bus lines that will add minutes to the commutes of thousands of straphangers after Sunday, June 27.

One of the few bright spots in the service reductions is that free and reduced fare student MetroCards have been saved.

The cuts will affect bus lines in Wakefield, Woodlawn, Norwood, Morris Heights, University Heights, Co-op City, Melrose and Hunts Point.

Some bus lines like the Bx18, serving Morris Heights, will be eliminated all together. Others like the Bx34 serving Woodlawn and Norwood will see curtailment of weekend and evening service.

The student MetroCards are a victory in what otherwise is a heavy round of cuts to borough bus service. In Co-op City, the rerouting of the Bx26, Bx28, and Bx30 busses will make it all but impossible to reach the subway without making a transfer.

In Wakefield, Bx 41 service on White Plains Road north of East Gun Hill Road will be replaced by an extension of the Bx 39.

In Woodlawn, the discontinuing of weekend and evening service on the Bx34 will pose a real hardship to many who work in industries that operate around the clock.

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I do feel for Bronx bus riders as some of the areas mentioned are losing a good chunk of service that people depend on. The same sentiment could be echoed across the city & it is just a sign of the reality of the MTA’s financial woes. What people need to do is rally against the continued inadequate support from elected officials by voting them out of office & replacing them with people who understand the vital need of a properly funded mass transit system.

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