Manhattan Bus Changes Take Effect Memorial Day

Earlier today, the MTA sent me a press release to talk about Manhattan bus route changes that will take effect on Memorial Day. Here are the complete details:

MTA NYC Transit announces that, effective Memorial Day, May 25, 2009, route changes will take effect on the M5, M7, M10, M20, M27, M30 and M104 bus routes. Additionally, the M6 bus route will be eliminated after its last trip on Sunday, May 24.

These Manhattan route modifications are required due to the changes in midtown traffic which will affect traffic on Broadway between 59th Street-Columbus Circle and 23rd Street.

The specific routes changes are as follows:

The M5 will make local stops northbound between Houston Street and 14th Street. All northbound Limited stops in this segment will be converted to local stops.

The new southbound route will take the M7 from Central Park South, south on 7th Avenue, east on West 14th Street, north on 6th Avenue, to a layover along 6th Avenue north of 14th Street. The northbound route will begin at 6th Avenue and West 14th Street.

The new southbound M10 route will travel south around Columbus Circle, east on Central Park South, south via 7th Avenue to West 31st Street. The northbound route remains the same.

The new southbound route will travel east on Central Park South from Columbus Circle, south on 7th Avenue and continue on the regular route. There are no changes on the northbound route.

The westbound M27 will now turn south on 7th Avenue from 49th Street and continue on the regular route. The eastbound route remains the same.

The eastbound M30 will travel east on West 58th Street, south on 7th Avenue and continue on the normal route. No change to westbound service.

The southbound M104 will turn east on Central Park South from Columbus Circle, then south on 7th Avenue and continue regular route east on 42nd Street. The northbound route remains the same.

The route is being discontinued. However, NYC Transit is increasing service on the M1 route, which will now operate to South Ferry during the evenings and on weekends. The M20 will be extended to South Ferry from Battery Park City beginning on June 28th, and northbound M5 stops between Houston St. and 14th Street will be converted to all local stops.

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The stop for the 7 and 5 has already been removed from CPS and 7th Avenue exchanging the stop for a right turn arrow. Pedestrians are the losers in all of these changes. CPS will be a smog filled street and noxious to the park.
there have already been accidents on the corner.

How do I go from Soho to Midtown now if there is no #6?
What bus is travelling up 6th Ave.?

if the M6 is being eliminated and the M5 is becoming a local between houston and 14th st. does that mean it becomes a Limited after 14th street??? We NEED a Limited during rush hours on weekdays. some of us have depended on this service to get to work on time. this completely aggravates what was a dependable route. please clarify whether the Limited is being eliminated altogether. thanks.

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