Georgi Vodka Ads Removed From Brooklyn Buses

Georgi Vodka Bus Ad
Here is the Georgi Vodka ad removed from Brooklyn buses due to complains from the Hasidic community. Photo courtesy of Alvarez for the New York Daily News.

In yet another example of people having too much time on their hand, Georgi Vodka ads have been removed from Brooklyn buses due to complains from members of the Hasidic community. Erica Pearson of the New York Daily News has more in this report:

Vodka company officials are all shaken up after the MTA pulled its racy ads from some buses in Brooklyn.

“They hardly gave us any warning. They just took them off the buses,” said Martin Silver, the owner of Georgi Vodka producer Star Industries.

“These ads are clearly not pornography. … If you don’t like what’s on a bus, all you have to do is look away and walk past,” he said outside the MTA’s bus depot on 41st St.

The ads show the back side of a woman dressed only in a bikini bottom and a woman sitting in the sand with her arms around her knees.

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This story just pisses me off. What has our country come to when everything has become so damn politically correct? This is 2010 & believe me, nothing about that bikini ad is offensive. The woman’s buttocks in a bikini make up a small portion of the ad & is no different from what you would see at the beach. Will these same clowns who complained, protest people at the beach?

What I am about to say might piss off some but I don’t care, I am not about holding my tongue for anyone. Why does it seem when “Jews” complain, things get done? If these ads received complaints from minorities in poor neighborhoods, it is safe to assume that not much would have been done about it. While I doubt anyone within will comment on this, it is something that is not lost on people.

My statement goes beyond just bus ads as it can be asserted into any situation one could think of. For the people who think our society is about everyone being equal, here is a newsflash for you, it is not & it never will be. If you are not in with the right people, or have the money, don’t expect the playing field to be even. It is sad that our world is setup like this but that is the reality we live in.

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I Agree. The Jewish community gets their complaints heard, but this is going way too far.

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