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Latest Senate Proposal Has Been Amended

The confidence once exuded by State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has evaporated. The 32 votes he seemed so confident in getting clearly looked to be a figment of his imagination as the support was clearly not there. His latest proposal has been trashed by all sides. I happen to agree with the piece by […]

Albany Ready To Screw Up Again

The news was hot & heavy concering the MTA over the last 24-36 hours. The process started when State Democrats blasted Gov. Patterson for not rallying the base to get the votes needed for a MTA financial package to be passed. Lets take a quick peak at that story courtesy of the New York Daily […]

MTA Deficit Continues To Grow

With the deadline for Albany to come up with a financial package for the MTA edging closer, the news about the agency’s finances worsen. The latest re-forecast projects a $621M dollar deficit for 2009 even after the implementation of fare hikes & service cuts. Here are the complete details just released by the MTA in […]

TWU Slams MTA Plan For No Raises

The issue of the MTA not offering raises to blue collar employees first became public four days ago due to an exclusive report by the New York Daily News’ Pete Donohue. He followed that up with a report which talked about the MTA’s intention to lay out this proposal at a meeting on Tuesday. Now […]

MTA: No Money For Raises This Year

Four days ago, I touched on a report in the New York Daily News which talked about how raises for MTA employees were in jeopardy due to their ongoing financial crisis. The prospects of raises looks even bleaker just a few days later as the MTA is preparing to tell workers, they do not have […]