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Not The Time For This Bloomberg

Over the last week or so Mayor Bloomberg has shared his feelings about the MTA’s lack of fiscal responsibility. However in the midst of these feelings came a suggestion to give raises to current MTA engineers as they do not get paid enough. Kathleen Lucadamo of the New York Daily News filed the report: Mayor […]

MTA Implements Service Changes

By now you know the MTA has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately in regards to the possibility of two fare hikes with one kicking in next year. However even with all of that, they have managed to officially implement additional service on select subway lines within the system. Here are […]

NY State Comptroller Will Audit The MTA

This past Sunday New York Post writers Bruce Golding & Melissa Klein broke the story of New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli deciding to audit the MTA’s books. Here is a small sample of their report: State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli will launch an audit of the MTA’s books in response to public outrage over the […]

Cigarette Taxes To Starve Off A Fare Hike?

Mayor Bloomberg sure seems to think so. According to him, the uncollected taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations could starve off at least one of the two potential fare hikes facing commuters. David Seifman of the New York Post filed the brief report: NEW ORLEANS – Mayor Bloomberg blew smoke in the MTA’s face […]

MTA Contiues To Throw Money Away

In the span of 5 days, New York Daily News Transit reporter Pete Donohue wrote 2 articles highlighting how the MTA has thrown money away due to poor operational practices. The first story showcased how bus drivers were compensated for nearly 19,000 hours of overtime which was not needed. Here is a brief sample of […]