Church Avenue F Station Now ADA Compliant

MTA officials at the Church Avenue station showcasing the newly installed elevators. Earlier today the MTA’s New York City Transit division issued a press release to announce the grand opening of elevators at the Church Avenue station on the . The installation of these elevators now makes the station the 66th one out of 468 […]

Editorial On MTA Funding

Today’s edition of the morning newspaper Metro has an excellent editorial by Neil deMause on MTA funding. Here is his piece: As if New Yorkers hadn’t been beset by enough bad news of late — foreclosures going through the roof, “The Real World” filming its next season in Brooklyn — last week the MTA chimed […]

One Year Later

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) President Helena Williams; Photo courtesy of the MTA Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News takes a look at Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) President Helena Williams first year on the job. Here is his report: Long Island Rail Road President Helena Williams has been fixated on the “Jamaica […]

How Surprising, Promised Service Upgrades Get Shelved

In a move that will hardly surprise anyone, the MTA has officially shelved the service upgrades we were promised back in December as a reward for the fare hike that we were to endure. Daily News Transit Reporter Pete Donohue along with Kenneth Lovett has more on this: The cash-strapped will not launch a $60 […]

Elliot Might Get Even More

While browsing the Daily News website, I came across an article which shares even more details about the raise approved, by MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger, for MTA CEO & Executive Director Elliot Sander. It turns out the $10,000 raise is only the tip of the iceberg as work deemed “exemplary” would earn Mr. Sander even […]