The Mack Stops Here

Poor (well not really!) Mr. Mack, he can’t seem to win nowadays. He gets blasted for his rant about riding the Long Island Rail Road. Then comes the restriction on the use of his (& other board members) E-Z Pass tags & LIRR passes. This is followed up by news of the State Police wanting […]

Mack Backpedals

MTA Board Vice President David S. Mack has now backpedaled on his outrageous statements about the free perks he & other MTA board members receive. Here is his statement which was released through the MTA Press Office & posted on the New York Times City Room Blog: I regret that my comments yesterday did not […]

I Only Ride Because It Is Free

MTA Board Vice Chairman David S. Mack; Photo courtesy of the MTA This sentiment was shared by Metropolitan Transportation Authority Vice Chairman David S. Mack when discussing the Long Island Rail Road. His exact quote was: Why should I ride and inconvenience myself when I can ride in a car? He had even more to […]