MTA Frustrating Long Island City Residents

If you live in Long Island City, I am sure this story will hit home in all the ways you wish it didn’t. Residents of the area are getting frustrated by the noise caused by a MTA operated exhaust fan. The fan is in place to help provide service in & out of the East River tunnel during the overnight hours due to third rail being shut off due because of the replacement of rails. This has caused the agency to need diesel power to run their equipment.

Brendan Brosh of the New York Daily News has more on the residents frustration:

Hundreds of Long Island City residents are losing sleep because an MTA exhaust fan that sounds like “an air raid siren” is keeping them up at night, neighbors charge.

Residents of the swanky Citylights co-op and nearby buildings have been plagued by the loud noise every weeknight from 1a.m. to as early as 5 a.m. since late May, say numerous neighbors.

The noise is coming from a nondescript property near the building where the exhaust fan is located.

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman said workers are replacing rails in the East River tunnel for the nearby No. 7 train – and that nothing can be done to muffle the sound.

“While we’re doing that work, the third rail has to be shut off, so all the equipment we are using is diesel-powered,” said MTA spokesman Charles Seaton.

The MTA tried using portable fans, but they were inefficient, said Seaton, noting workers are using less fan power to minimize the sound impact.

He said the work will be completed in late summer.

Some neighbors say the late-night noise is causing sleep deprivation.

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I have spoken with a few friends who live in the area. They all agreed that the noise is frustrating, however they understand that is a temporary issue & have learned to deal with it. They feel (and I agree) that fellow residents should suck it up & stop complaining. Subway service benefits many in the area & if these repairs were not made, they would be complaining about how these issues should have been fixed. With people like this, it is impossible for the MTA to win.

Now we throw in the local political figure who will always jump in head first when an opportunity to go against the MTA in the court of public opinion presents itself. In this case, it is no surprise that the opponent is Democratic City Councilman of Sunnyside, Eric Gioia. He is one of the usual suspects who is quick to grab an opportunity to oppose the MTA. Councilman I urge you to take a break & find a legitimate battle to fight for your constituents. Seriously…….

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