MTA Releases Customer Survey Results

Yesterday afternoon, I received a press release from the MTA talking about the release of the customer satisfaction survey results. I did not have the time to open the e-mail & would get to it the next day. I did not think much of it until I was on my way home this morning around […]

Most Riders Incorrectly Blame The MTA In Poll

Over the years I have hammered home many different points on this blog. Regular readers know that the biggest one was how our elected officials are the most responsible for the overall mess the MTA routinely finds itself in. While the MTA has made their share of mistakes, they were only a fraction of the […]

Gridlock Sam: Wrong Bridges Are Tolled

Over the last couple of years, talk of tolling East River bridges has come up numerous times to help create new funding for the MTA. The usual battle lines are drawn with those in favor spouting off the benefits & reasons why they should be & the detractors saying that it is not fair to […]

Editorial: MTA Workers Keep Service On Time

When shit hits the fan involving any part of the MTA, the standard reaction is to either yell about how they have a 2nd set of books or how it is all the fault of the lazy & overpaid union workers. The former has already been disproved in court & the latter is an idiotic […]

Editorial Shows No Grasp On MTA’s Full Problems

It is no secret that the MTA is the midst of arguably its worst financial crisis ever. There is plenty of blame to go around whether it be elected officials, union workers, or the MTA itself. Thursday’s edition of the New York Post contained an editorial which squarely pushes the agenda of the financial woes […]