MTA Board

MTA Board Welcomes Two New Members

Earlier today, the MTA announced the addition of two new members to its board. Here are the details courtesy of the press release sent out: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today welcomed two new members to its Board: Jonathan A. Ballan, an attorney from Westchester County who specializes in public authority finance, and Fernando Ferrer, […]

MTA Approves Budget Cuts

Within the last couple of hours, the MTA Board officially approved budget cuts in order to trim down a $400M+ budget shortfall. Lets first take a look at a brief report by Michael M. Grynbaum of the New York Times: The board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted 11-2 Wednesday afternoon to implement a package […]

MTA Will Hold 8 Public Hearings

One of the biggest complaints I kept reading after the MTA passed its budget last month (as required by law), was the lack of them holding public hearings regarding proposed service cuts. Now that complaint will not technically be valid anymore as the agency has scheduled 8 public hearings. Here are the complete details which […]

MTA CEO Releases Report On First 100 Days

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has undergone many changes over the last year. One of the biggest changes came in the form of a new leader in MTA Chairman/CEO Jay H. Walder. Although his tenure has been short in length, his efforts to implement change have not. Earlier today, the Chairman/CEO released a report entitled “Making […]

MTA Board Loses 6 Advocate Board Members

Stop & tell me where you have heard this one before, state politicians in Albany showcase their lack of regard and/or knowledge for the needs of the MTA & the riders it serves. Whether these actions are done purposely or not, the end result is the same. The ineptitude of our elected officials find a […]