Metro North Adds Real Time Car Info

One of the best features the MTA ever introduced in their LIRR TrainTime app was the real time car seat information displaying the percentage of seats available/taken in a car. Now the agency is introducing it on the Metro-North’s New Haven Line. Here is more information about it via the press release they sent me: […]

Waterbury Branch Substitute Bus Service

The Waterbury Branch of the Metro-North Railroad will have buses replace trains starting June 1st & lasting for nearly 2 months due to infrastructure work. Here are more details courtesy of the press release I received: MTA Metro-North Railroad is reminding Waterbury Branch customers that starting on June 1 Waterbury train service will be replaced […]

Metro-North To Penn Station Project Update

Earlier today, the MTA announced more details on their Metro North to Penn Station project which includes the building of 4 new stations in the Bronx. Here is more via the press release they sent me: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that it has published the Environmental Assessment for its Metro-North Penn Station […]

Metro North Penn Station Project Resumes

The plandemic caused damage & delays in every imaginable way to people & businesses. The MTA was not spared this as it saw such things like the Metro-North Railroad Penn Station access project. Earlier today, the worst governor in the United States of America, responsible for the death of thousands (aka murderer), announced that the […]

New Haven Line Schedule Adjustments

Just a short time ago, the MTA Metro-North Railroad announced schedule adjustments for the New Haven Line due to track work. Here are the details via the press release I received: MTA Metro-North Railroad today announced that crews will perform New Haven Line track work between Larchmont and Harrison starting May 17 to ensure the continuing safety and reliability […]