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NYCT Opens Ridgewood Intermodal Terminal

If you have ever tried transferring between different bus routes or to/from the bus & subway in Ridgewood, you know how much of a chore it is. However if MTA NYC Transit has its way, the debut of the Ridgewood Intermodal Terminal this past Friday will change all of that. The agency held a ribbon […]

New LIRR Timetables Go Into Effect Sept 13th

It is that time of year again where new timetables for the Long Island Rail Road kick in. These timetables are a little different from the norm as they factor in the second phase of service cuts. Here are the complete details courtesy of a press release sent to be by the LIRR on Friday: […]

Service Diversions 08-21-10

I have just updated the “Service Diversions” page with the latest weekend diversions by removing all of the scheduled work that wrapped up by 11:59 PM last night. The next update will be sometime after 5:01 AM Monday when all of the weekend diversions are removed & the ones for the week move up the […]

Service Diversions 08-20-10

I have just updated the “Service Diversions” page with the latest weekend diversions. The remaining diversions scheduled to end by 11:59 PM tonight are still listed. The next update will be at 12:01 AM Saturday when those diversions are officially over. I suggest you print out a copy of the page to carry with you […]

Mr. S Charter Services Picks Up The Slack

When the MTA enacted major service cuts & eliminations recently, bus service was arguably the hardest hit. All 5 boroughs lost service with some having it worse than others. Private bus companies such as TransportAzumah have tried to pick up the slack by offering service in place of eliminated lines. However a judge put a […]