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City Hall Bigwig Feels The MTA’s Decision Was Ill-Advised

Yesterday was a rough day in a relationship between the city & MTA that would never be confused as being healthy to begin with. The latest rough patch stems from the MTA Board approving a measure to start charging government agencies like the NYFD, NYPD, Parks Department, etc… tolls for using its bridges & tunnels. […]

MTA Approves Plan To Charge Government Agencies Tolls

A week ago I wrote about the MTA’s desire to charge local government agencies with the toll prices that average citizens pay. The plan which came endured sharp criticism from Mayor Bloomberg & his appointees on the MTA Board was approved by a margin of 7-6. The approval came after a lively debate at today’s […]

A Detailed Look At The Extended NYC Subway Line Manager Program

A couple of days ago I wrote about the MTA’s intention to extend their line manager program after a successful run on the & lines respectively. Now more specific details have come out about the extension courtesy of a press release that was e-mailed to me. Here is the release: Following the successful introduction of […]

Next Subway Arrival Board: 3 Years Away

One of the biggest technological advances in mass transit for riders was the implementation of arrival boards which tell you when the next train in each respective direction will arrive. The technology has been in place all over the world in places such as London, Rome, & in our own country in Washington D.C. Unfortunately […]

The LIRR Knew All Along

As you have figured out by now, the LIRR has received plenty of attention on here & around other tri-state area media resources. The attention has not been for the right reasons as former employers are being investigated for manipulation the system to collect disability benefits. Unfortunately for the agency, the negative coverage continues as […]