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Malcolm & The Senate Are Destroying Mass Transit

For readers of this blog & many others like it, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith is seen as an enemy of mass transit. We are fully aware that he & the majority of leaders in Albany do not understand or care to, the needs of the MTA & the millions who make up its riding […]

Paterson Says MTA Deal Can Arrive Next Week

Yesterday evening, I blogged about the State Senate amending their latest MTA bailout proposal. This pretty much secured the idea that the earliest a vote could reach the floor would be next week. With that in mind, Gov. Paterson spoke at a press conference today & shared his belief that a deal could be passed […]

Doomsday Might Only Be The Beginning

If you have read this or any major NYC region transportation blog over the last few months, words & phrases such as “draconian” & “doomsday scenario” have become second nature. When you heard or read such words involving the MTA, you could do nothing but think of the massive fare hike & service cuts that […]

Inching Closer To Unemployment

Throughout the current MTA financial crisis, I have touched on how this could ultimately effect the millions who depend on the system. However I also noted on a number of occasions, how this is hitting home with the blue collar workforce of the MTA in terms of jobs being lost. On that note, the MTA […]

Lockheed Martin Sues The MTA

Everyone remembers the horrific September 11th attacks which forever changed the world. The attacks put a huge spotlight on our nation’s security on many levels. One of the most vital levels was in the form of transportation. With that in mind, it was a given that protecting the MTA’s infrastructure would rank as being of […]