MTA Gives The Gift Of The “Nostalgia Train” This Holiday Season

The MTA is obviously in a giving mood this holiday season. Why do you ask? Well simply because they are giving straphangers, especially railfans like myself the gift of the”Nostalgia Train” as a gift this holiday season. The MTA will run the “Nostalgia Train” on the between the hours of 10 am & 5 pm […]

Wow, He Knows The Rules!

It was a nice & sunny day on April 3, 2007. I had spent the night with one of my best friend’s Tricia in our friend Rochelle’s apartment. I could have went home afterwards but decided I should try & see my other best friend Dawn. So I gave her a call & we agreed […]

Halloween Recompense!

I guess some bad habits are hard to break. Here I am blogging about my Halloween on November 14th! I guess I am getting better since the delay is under 3 weeks! Normally I would be a minimum of 2 months behind. I had been looking forward to Halloween for over a year. The theme […]

Say Hello To The R160B

August 17, 2006 was the historical debut of the R160B in revenue service. The N was the chosen line to start day 1 of the 30 day revenue run test. The hoopla of this historical event was quite obvious judging by all the posts on various message boards. I will be the first to admit, […]

Maybe It Wasn’t So Bad After All

I’ll be honest & say I was for the most part against the holiday fare discounts. I thought the gestures were P.R. friendly & the money could have been used more wisely. However in the end besides the bonus time on my unlimited monthly, I did get something else out of them. A few weeks […]