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The Straphanger Singer…..

No, I did not run into “The Straphanger Singer” again. For those who do not know who “The Straphanger Singer” is, please visit this entry for all the important information. I finally got around to uploading some of the audio recordings I made of him singing. Thankfully my mp3 player has a built in microphone […]

Question Of The Week 08/29/07 – 09/02/07

With Eye On Transit relaunching today, this marks the return of the “Question Of The Week”. This week’s question centers around the MTA wanting to impose a fare hike on straphangers. So when you are done here, cast your vote on the issue. You can reach the voting area by clicking here. Voting is open […]

Gov. Spitzer Says Not So Fast…..

Well he didn’t actually say that but you get the point. In today’s AMNY, the front page headline is about Gov. Spitzer challenging state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s report on the MTA’s proposed fare hike. One of Gov. Spitzer’s comments included “So simply saying, Aha! We got congestion pricing, therefore, no fare increase: bad logic, bad […]

Fare Hike Saviors?

First, we had the New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. strongly appose the MTA’s proposed fare hike. Now we have a second strong opposition of it coming from New York State Comptroller Thomas P. Napoli. Here is a press release courtesy of Mr. Napoli: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) should hold off on […]

Subway Supervisor Had A Role In Transit Worker Death

A recent investigation has led to the demotion of superintendent Lloyd London. His demotion comes as the result of his actions which investigators feel led to the death of track worker Marvin Franklin. If you do not recall the tragic death, you can read about it here. Here is a story about the investigation courtesy […]