Personal Stories

It Is Always Trump’s Fault I Guess

I have attended over a thousand shows in my lifetime. The most common theme regardless of who was playing was the crowd always seemed to have that one idiot in the crowd who would request “Freebird”. I started to think, is this person following me from show to show? Now we have another form of […]

Sick Of Stolen Fares

I like many straphangers are sick of the outdated & flawed MetroCard system. While I can’t vouch that the majority prefer to go back to tokens like I do or perhaps a more updated & with the times system, we definitely agree that the MetroCard has to go! My biggest gripe comes with the repeated […]

Select Bus Service Thoughts

For those who follow my Twitter feed @TransitBlogger (cheap plug!), you would have seen my Sunday morning tweet about getting to ride Select Bus Service for the first time. I found myself having to get from my best friend’s in the Lower East Side to Midtown to meet up for a ride to a business […]

Pathetic LIRR Conductor

Used Long Island Railroad ticket. You are probably wondering why I have a picture of a used LIRR ticket above. I’ll explain….. Those who personally know me or follow @TransitBlogger on Twitter, it is known how much disgust I have for the overpriced Long Island Rail Road. The service is nowhere near worth the astronomical […]

Delays Galore!

Exactly a week ago today, I had some business to handle in the Upper East Side. I make my way down to the uptown platform at 68th Street when I notice an extremely large amount of people waiting for the train. While I know how crowded the Lexington Ave stations can be, this had the […]