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Service Diversions 03/27

I have just updated the service diversions page with the latest scheduled diversions for the weekend & upcoming week (and beyond in some cases). Don’t forget to check in for any changes to the page. I also suggest printing out a copy of the page to use while riding the system. Also a friendly reminder […]

MTA Workers Fearing For Their Jobs

One of the biggest positives that draws people to the MTA’s blue collar employment ranks is the job stability & benefits that one receives. However that sentiment will change for a few thousand employees who face the prospects of being jobless if the “doomsday scenario” goes into effect. While the main coverage of the budget […]

Moody’s: The MTA’s Bond Rating Might Be Downgraded

The last time I blogged about MTA bonds was in February when a deal between Citigroup Global Markets & the MTA was questioned. Once again MTA bonds have made headlines as Moody’s Investors Services warned that the MTA’s bond rating could be downgraded. William Neuman of the New York Times has more: Adding a new […]

Losing The B37 Would Change Lives In Bay Ridge

With all the talk of the “doomsday scenario” fare hikes & service cuts, the little stories within the big one get lost. One of those little stories is of how Bay Ridge would be different for a community of mainly seniors who depend on the B37. Susan Dominus of the New York Times looks into […]

MTA Says Doomsday Scenario Can Be Avoided

Since this past Wednesday when the MTA Board approved to enact the “doomsday scenario” budget, many transit advocates & riders have expressed their frustration with the skyrocketing costs & service cuts. While the prospects of reversing seem low, the MTA says it is possible to do just that. Pete Donohue of the New York Daily […]