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The 6 Still Deserved Better

Pelham Bay Park bound 6 entering Parkchester during the Feb. 2006 blizzard. Resized photo courtesy of Eye On Transit. In January 2008, I blogged about the deserving a better grade for its 2007’s Rider Report Card. The line was considered average by 7.261 riders who helped give it a C. 14 months later & the […]

MTA Approves Doomsday Scenario Budget

The voting result was virtually academic after Monday’s MTA Finance Committee meeting. However to make it official, the MTA Board approved the enactment of their “doomsday scenario” budget. Unless a reversal of fortune occurs in Albany, millions of riders will have to prepare to pay a lot more for a lot less. I had every […]

The Doomsday Nightmare Becomes A Reality

The day of reckoning is upon us as the nightmare of a “doomsday scenario” becomes a reality. Later this morning, the MTA Board is expected to approve the enactment of their “doomsday scenario” budget which will feature not only massive fare hikes but massive service cuts as well. For months on end, the main topic […]

The Bleak Reality Of The MTA Financial Picture

I wanted to get to this yesterday afternoon but things became hectic around here. So now I will take this time to talk about yesterday’s MTA Finance Committee meeting. I could not attend due to some business out on the island. However I made sure to take time out to watch it via the live […]

LIRR To Provide Service To Citi Field Opener

This upcoming Sunday, the new Citi Field will hold its inaugural event. The event is a baseball game between Big East rivals St. John’s & Georgetown. The Long Island Rail Road sent me a press release to talk about the service it will provide to this event. Here are the complete details: The MTA Long […]