Waterbury Branch Substitute Bus Service

The Waterbury Branch of the Metro-North Railroad will have buses replace trains starting June 1st & lasting for nearly 2 months due to infrastructure work. Here are more details courtesy of the press release I received: MTA Metro-North Railroad is reminding Waterbury Branch customers that starting on June 1 Waterbury train service will be replaced […]

Connecticut Governor Blows Transit Funding Opportunities

Recently, Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell announced her budget for fiscal 2010 & 2011. Unfortunately for the state’s mass transit system, funding opportunities were blown. Tri-State Transportation Campaign Senior Planner Ryan Lynch takes a look at these blown opportunities in his entry: Governor Rell announced her budget for fiscal years 2010 and 2011 last Wednesday in […]

Transit Advocates Urge Governor To Fast Track Rail Project

One of my favorite transit related blogs to read is the Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s “Mobilizing The Region” as it covers many different transit aspects involving our entire tri-state region. The campaign does a great job as being advocates for supporting improvement to the transit infrastructure of the tri-state region. So the next few entries will […]

Metro-North May Cut 4 Trains

On Friday, word came out that the Metro-North may cut 4 trains. To be more specific, the Connecticut Department Of Transportation is considering the elimination of 4 off peak trains on the New Haven Line. The line is owned by the DOT which must approve any service changes or fare increases. Martin B. Cassidy of […]

A New AMNY “Extreme Commuter”

Last month, I wrote an entry about a feature AMNY started called “Extreme Commuter”. Well AMNY is back with a new member of the “Extreme Commuter” team whose daily commute features the use of 3 different transit systems going across two state lines while traveling through 3 states! Here is the article showcasing the newest […]