MTA Completes 170th St Renovations

Photo taken by Marc A. Hermann / MTA Earlier today, MTA NYC Transit announced it had completed the station renovation at the 170th St subway station in the Bronx on the line. Here is the press release the agency asked me to share with my readers: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today unveiled three new […]

Subway Service Cut Due To Bullshit

Sadly the MTA is the latest agency and/or company to push the bullshit lies about a mass outbreak of Covid. The agency is cutting subway service this week due to a lack of crews stemming from employees not being available to work. Do you want to know why these workers are not available? Because they […]

Woman Nearly Assaulted In Subway Station

In yet another disturbing sign of the times, a woman was nearly sexually assaulted at the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall subway station this past Thursday. Amanda Woods of the New York Post has more: A creep attacked and tried to sexually assault a woman in a Lower Manhattan subway station Thursday night, cops said. The assailant […]

Woman Attacked At 34th St Subway Station

The MTA is doing its best to entice riders to come back & use the system throughout the region with various discounts that will begin in the coming months. However all the discounts in the world will not be enough to get them back riding if the crime especially on the NYC Subway is not […]

MTA Board Approves Discounts

In what can be considered a Christmas miracle for riders, the MTA Board has approved fare discounts across its various agencies such as a 10% discount on LIRR monthly tickets. Here are more details courtesy of the press release the agency asked me to share with you: New¬†Fare Capping Pilot Feature of OMNY, Modeled on […]