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Amtrak To Resume Normal Service Tomorrow

Amtrak has announced it will resume normal service system wide as of tomorrow. The agency previously announced it would be cancelling long haul service & some state run services due to the expected railroad strike that has been averted. xoxo Transit Blogger

U.S. Railroad Strike Averted

Some great news to start the day as the pending U.S. railroad strike that would have affected the entire country has been averted. Fake news is giving credit to the Biden administration for helping get this done. However I will break the news that it really was done through back channels of the Trump administration […]

Amtrak Suspends Long Haul Service

This coming Friday can be a huge day for our country & not in a good way. Outside of a hail mary being completed in the next 48 or so hours, railroad workers across the nation will go on strike. Such an action will cripple the country as many of our goods are transported via […]