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Catch The Nostalgia Train

The “Nostalgia Special” that the MTA will run for tonight’s Yankees game. Photo courtesy of the MTA. The MTA has a special treat for those heading to the ALDS opener at Yankee Stadium. The treat is the return of the “Nostalgia Special”. Here are the details for those interested in catching it: A reminder, that […]

MTA Still Looks To Capitalize On Properties

It seems every few months over the last couple of years, the MTA maximizing its real estate holdings has come up. The usual banter stems from the agency not cashing in on some of the assets it possesses such as its former headquarters at 370 Jay Street in Brooklyn. Earlier today, the agency announced it […]

Amtrak To Replace East River Tunnel Tracks

Earlier today, the MTA announced that Amtrak will begin replacing all 4 tracks in the East River Tunnel. For those of us who ride Amtrak or the LIRR, this is a project that is long overdue. Here is more information courtesy of a press release: The MTA Long Island Rail Road announced today, at a […]

Port Jervis Line Assessment Completed

As we know, the Metro-North’s Port Jervis line took the worst infrastructure beating from Hurricane Irene. The destruction was so bad, it will end up costing millions to fix as pre-storm level of service will not return until late 2012. Earlier today at the MTA Metro-North Railroad committee meeting, the final flood damage assessment report […]

MTA The Weekender Failure

As you know by now, every week I post the service diversions planned for that upcoming weekend & following week. These diversions are usually sent out on Thursday to those on the MTA’s press list. Recently the agency added a new tool to their website in regards to service diversions. The tool is called “The […]