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Oh No!!!!

September 5th & 6th might be days I stay away from the subway! Two days after a major vacation season & Labor Day weekend end, the Taxi Workers Alliance plan to strike! The TWI is going to strike due to the Taxi and Limousine Commission plans to install GPS technology in the city’s 13,000 taxis. […]

Google Transit Coming Soon…..?

So Google Transit will soon be mapping the entire New York City Transit system. Here is an article about it courtesy of Bloomberg: Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) — Google Inc., owner of the most popular Internet search engine, provides online transit guides for more than a dozen U.S. cities including Dallas and San Diego. Now it […]

J, Z, & L You’re Up!

Starting today & through Thursday, the MTA is handing out rider report cards for the J, Z, & L lines. If you don’t know or remember what rider report cards are, here is an entry about them. I will be the first to say I do not ride these lines on a daily basis. Actually […]

Victim 1 Subway Pervert 0

So here we have a typical subway pervert spreading himself around to another unfortunate victim. However this time the tables were turned on him. Here is the story courtesy of the NY Post: VICTIM NAILS ‘PERV’ SUBWAY ‘FLASHER’ By JAMIE SCHRAM and LORENA MONGELLI August 22, 2007 — A Brooklyn woman who was stalked and […]

NYC Subway Meet Facebook

NYC Subway meet Facebook! I see that someone created a subway status application that is incorporated into your Facebook profile. I found out about this recently while reading one of my favorite blogs which I am proud to call my homepage; Subway Blogger. The application can be found here. Unfortunately I do not have a […]