Farewell To A Wrestling God

January 29, 2006 marked the end of an error for JBL, no not the wrestling god himself but Jamaica Bus Lines. This day marked the last it would operate service as a private bus company in NYC. The MTA was taking over the company starting the very next day. Like Command, & Green Bus Lines […]

RIP Green Bus Lines

January 8, 2006 marked the end of an era as the Green Bus Lines would no longer be. The MTA officially took over the company starting on January 9th, 2006. I had never rode or photographed GBL before so I decided to conduct a farewell shoot/first ride on their last day. The plan was to […]

Oh Yes It Is, I’ll Bet You $50

Don’t you just hate when you have a know it all who swears he or she is right? I know I do & for all of us who do, this event will annoy you like it did me. The weather on Tuesday December 27th was beautiful. The skies were clear & the temps were quite […]

Let Me Introduce The Two Of You

I’ll be honest upfront. I completely forgot to blog about the events of November 29, 2005. I’ll do so now as I’m finishing the site on this early Christmas morning. November 29, 2005 was the first day the public got to see the R160B in person. The event was being held at the Hoyt/Schermerhorn station […]