Inching Closer To Unemployment

Throughout the current MTA financial crisis, I have touched on how this could ultimately effect the millions who depend on the system. However I also noted on a number of occasions, how this is hitting home with the blue collar workforce of the MTA in terms of jobs being lost. On that note, the MTA presented union leaders with the list of the first 600 employees to lose their jobs. Glenn Blain & Pete Donohue of the New York Daily News have more in this report:

About 600 transit workers edged closer to unemployment Tuesday when the MTA gave union leaders lists of employees facing layoffs in two months.

The first service cut stemming from the fiscal crisis, meanwhile, goes into effect Wednesday, with cancellation of train service to Belmont Park for all but two days of the racing season.

“The public and our workforce are beginning to get impacted,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority CEO Elliot Sander said. “We need Albany to act.

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It is unfortunate that the blue collar portion of the MTA has to pay for the mistakes made by Albany over the years. Without them, the entire system would cease to serve a purpose for the millions who depend on it. This is life though as the hard working routinely are the first ones to suffer when shit hits the fan while the fat cats usually find a way to get by. Sad but true……

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[…] cutbacks will affect the system’s blue-collar workers disproportionately. […]

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