Paterson Says MTA Deal Can Arrive Next Week

Yesterday evening, I blogged about the State Senate amending their latest MTA bailout proposal. This pretty much secured the idea that the earliest a vote could reach the floor would be next week. With that in mind, Gov. Paterson spoke at a press conference today & shared his belief that a deal could be passed by next week. As I & others have come to expect, Jimmy Vielkind of Politicker NY is all over it in his latest report:

David Paterson said he hopes to arrive at a deal with legislative leaders next week to close M.T.A.’s deficit. He played down reports of squabbling between himself, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.

“I don’t think there’s been much squabbling among the leaders,” Paterson said after a press conference related to Swine flu, where Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines said there were three more “probable” cases outside of New York City.

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I love how Gov. Paterson attempted to downplay the public feud between many of Albany’s heavy hitters including himself. He can’t seriously believe any of us are going to buy that line of bullshit can he? If there was any legitimate harmony in Albany, they would have worked together to come up with sustainable funding solutions. Instead we get the infighting & crafting of individualistic plans that are filled with nothing but stop-gap measures. Let me give you a piece of advice David, stop lying to yourself & the riding public, we are not stupid.

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